On the edge of reason

The life of Maho Dilber, a middle-aged single man, and doyen of sports journalism, changes overnight when two daughters from his two failed marriages, daughters he hadn't seen in so long he almost forgot they existed, appear at his door.

Stunned by this fact, he immediately has to accept another heartbreaking fact which is that he has a grandson.

Used to being single and taking care of himself only, Maho finds it difficult to adapt to the new situation and changes his routines in order to become a different and better person.

Maho's workaholic nature pushes him to find an escape from family life and constant quarrels. He starts a vlog called "Mahonizam" (Sadomasochism), which eventually begins to fulfill him, as well as beings going to the Café "NA MALA VRATA” (Through the Back Door), run by his half-brother, Fikret Pašić Pipa, an old rascal from Mostar who attempts to be a sports manager.

The two brothers whose lifestyles and personalities are completely different share daily adventures and incidents with Maho’s best friend from school, Toni Bonussi, a local barber of Italian origin. His peaceful and simple family life with his wife Mira, who is entering an uncertain political environment, and his only son, Marko, was disrupted five years ago by the arrival of his mother-in-law, Granny Andja Poskok from Western Herzegovina. Her arrival is not as much of a problem as her non-departure is.

The conflicts of four generations, their interests, beliefs and attitudes lead to a series of comic situations and puts all of them on the edge of reason.

Top Cast: (if applicable):
Admir Glamočak
Aleksandar Seksan
Dragan Marinković
Džana Pinjo Haračić
Alisa Čajić
Ivana Vojinović
Isa Seksan
Tatjana Šojić
Dušan Arnaut


Three men with different ethnic, political, and life backgrounds form part of a newly appointed National Commission for Public Procurement. Each one of them is trying to push their own interests and get rich, but how to do it when their closest coworkers are also their biggest obstacle? In addition to all that, the daily interaction with other employees puts them into a routine governed by chaotic love life, lack of self-confidence and social intelligence.

Top Cast:
Tarik Džinić,
Branko Janković,
Robert Krajinović,
Aida Bukva,
Anja Kraljević,
Igor Skvarica,
Anđela Kusić,
Dražen Pavlović,
Edin Avdagić,
Nadine Mičić


Crazy, Confused, Normal

From the dramaturgical perspective, the series will develop similarly to previous seasons. Each episode will have two or three parallel stories that will intertwine in the format of popular sitcoms. The return of some old cast (Sefika, Combe) who strongly impressed the audience in the first seasons will revive and refresh the content.

Faruk fleeds to Sweden to avoid a prison sentence for tax evasion. Izet takes over the Akord studio premises and forms a new political party SPK (Samo posteno komunisticki – Just Honestly as Communists Do) with Jure Zalkan and Samir.
Izet, though older, is still vital and eager to drink his raki and flirt with young women. Petty scams are still what best describe his character.

Dzebra is now 18 years old and has just enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine. He is energetic and business oriented, but also inclined to engage in petty fraud, which proves that he is from the Fazlinovic family.

Damir is prone to alcohol and still unemployed. He is unlucky in love and falls from a bad relationship into an even worse one.

Marija still runs San Remo Café and plays an important role in connecting other characters.

Samir, Jure, Fufe, Jakov… and a whole series of recurring characters will play the same or similar roles in which we are used to seeing them.

Main roles:
Mustafa Nadarevic
Moamer Kasumovic
Tarik Dzinic
Tatjana Sojic
Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
Jasna Zalica

Inn at Hilmija’s

The "Konak kod Hilmije" TV Series takes us back to the time of Sarajevo under siege during the Second World War. Everyone comes to the inn: communist illegals, Ustashas, Chetniks, soldiers of the Handschar Division, German soldiers and the commander of the town Sturmbannführer Schilling. They conspire right under each other’s noses and national tensions become less important than personal material interests. The situation is additionally spiced up by two miners, partisan illegals hiding in the inn’s basement, tasked with digging up a tunnel to the German weapons depot.

The main cast is accompanied by a generation of young actors such as Marija Pikic, Igor Skvarica, Emir Zumbul Kapetanovic, Adnan Omerovic, Rijad Gvozden and Dino Sarija, but also many other famous stars from former Yugoslavia.

The new regional TV series started broadcasting on May 7th, 2018 on TOP kanal in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, on SBB, Telemach, Total TV, D3i, as well as on NetTV Plus available within the basic package for the BiH expats, and on EON platform at: https://eon.sbb.rs/gledaj-eon.


Main roles:
Emir Hadzihafizbegovic
Tarik Filipovic
Bojan Peric
Milena Vasic
Darko Tomovic
Marko Cindric
Ilir Tafa


Don't Touch My Mom

Budimir Corovic (Rene Bitorajac) and Zlatko Sljepcevic (Branko Djuric) are partners in a law firm. Budimir was married to Zlatko's deceased sister. After his wife died, his mother-in-law Dika (Jasna Diklic), Zlatko's mother, stayed in the apartment with Budimir. Due to a peculiar turn of events, in one of the episodes, Zlatko loses his apartment and joins what becomes a dysfunctional family in one apartment: son, son-in-law and mother-in-law (i.e. mother).

The law firm Slijepcevic – Corovic employs a secretary Dunja Sunovratilo (Andjelka Prpic) and a private investigator Dzevad Bukva (Dragan Marinkovic).

In terms of scenography and dramaturgy, Paragraf 42 Tavern owned by Kerim (Admir Glamocak) becomes an important environment in the series. The tavern is located across the Court building and it is a place where all the legal court cloak-and-dagger matters take place, and it is also a place where family problems unfold and resolve.

Main roles:
Branko Đuric
Rene Bitorajac
Jasna Diklic
Dragan Marinković Maca
Andzelka Prpic
Emir Hadžihafizbegovic
Admir Glamocak


Each episode begins with a scene at a psychiatrist’s office where Ales lies on the couch and tells the doctor what happened to him. The main characters are going through a midlife crisis and the main feature of this crisis is their, mostly unsuccessful, attempts to have sex. Guided by the premise that rock stars are more successful with women, the four of them form a garage band called “Kriza” (Crisis). Furthermore, each character has his own family problems.

Main roles:
Aleš - Nikola Kojo
Miron - Enis Beslagic
Jeremija - Mirvad Kuric
Kifla - Aleksandar Seksan

Fedja Isovic

We are two Different Worlds

Opancic Fadil, a simple peasant, is the president of the Cooperative in the Donje Brabonjiste Village. He is forced to flee his village when he commits embezzlement for his cousin Uzeir, a minister in the Government. Together with his wife Bahra and son Pipun, he moves to Sarajevo. From the first day of Fadil’ arrival to the city, the TV Series portrays the clash of two different cultures and lifestyles that many people face today in reality. We see the juxtaposition of ill manners and ignorance on one side and city's snobbishness and arrogance on the other which collide and culminate in every episode.

Fadil - Emir Hadžihafizbegovic
Bahra - Jasna Ornela Beri
Josip - Zeljko Duvnjak
Ana - Tatjana Šojic
Uzeir - Ivan Bekjarev
Osman - Nermin Omic
Senada - Arma Tanović Brankovic
Predsjednik Stranke - Dragan Jovicic
Jernej Smrk - Robert Krajinovic
Pipun - Adi Hrustemovic

Adnan Kapetanovic

Crazy, Confused, Normal
(2007. - 2015.)

Izet, Faruk and Damir are the three generations of the Fazlinovic family. Each character faces specific problems related to their age which intertwine as they live in the same apartment. The "female hand" in their lives is a simple-minded housekeeper Sefika. The four of them create the dramaturgical backbone of the story in which everyone, with their unique personality, contributes to the plot twists and comic situations.

Faruk (Izet's son and Damir's father) is a music producer and owner of the private studio "Akord". The studio has two employees, a secretary Ivana and a sound engineer Dino. The studio functions as the second set in the sitcom. The two of them (Ivana and Dino) are more than ordinary employees. From a dramaturgical perspective, their roles are specific in both relation to the family problems of the Fazlinovic family, and their own personal stories related to intimate and professional aspects of their lives.

Main roles:
Mustafa Nadarevic
Senad Basic
Moamer Kasumovic
Gordana Boban
Milan Pavlovic
Tanja Sojic
Jasna Zalica
Sasa Petrovic