Film and production company, established 1997.

Years of experience...

With more than two decades of experience, FIST Production has been one of the most productive and reputable private production companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our long experience has resulted in dozens of successful projects such as: one of the most popular comedy TV series in the region "Lud, zbunjen, normalan” (Crazy, Confused, Normal), highly successful TV series “Dva smo svijeta razlicita” (We are Two Different Worlds) and “Kriza” (Crisis). We have produced and co-produced feature films "Nafaka" (Luck), the multi-award winning film "Halimin put" (Halima’s Path), and the films " Das Fräulein" (Miss), "Estrelita" and "Usta". We have also created 284 episodes of the documentary TV series "Pozitivna geografija” (Positive Geography), as well as dozens of other documentaries, commercials and music videos, animated films, marketing and corporate videos and films.


We are a full service production company with a team of professionals as well as technical production and post-production equipment to ensure high definition broadcast quality on any project we work on.




Through an informative meeting, we analyze in detail your wishes, the creative framework of your needs and the target groups you want to address.


We integrate into your wishes and your way of thinking, and with the gained experience, we try to find the best way to reach the desired production solution.



By agreement, a creative and dedicated process of organization and production follows with loyal specialized teams in front of and behind the camera eye.



We will do our best to achieve the desired result and successful cooperation to the mutual satisfaction.