Nafaka (Luck)

Ahmed and Lana, Crveno Oko and Jennet Hugh, Sado and Saba, Sahbej, Beba, Nemanja, Meli, Marks, Matan, Biber, Jimm and Nicollo ... create panoply of characters that this film follows through the war and post-war period. Living in a Sarajevo neighborhood, they all survive the war and the traumatic post-war period in different ways. This is a story about their lives, tragedies, personal desires and dramas, but also a story about their solidarity and belief in freedom and a happier life. In a way, this film is a tribute to the surviving citizens of the besieged city, who strongly believe in the power of life and in the "miracle of Sarajevo".

Screenwriter and Director: Jasmin Durakovic

Ahmed - Aleksandar Seksan
Lana - Lucija Serbedzija
Sado - Senad Basic
Saba - Gordana Boban
Shahbej - Miralem Zubčevic
Red Eye - Haris Burina
Beba - Jasna Beri
Nemanja - Sasa Petrovic
Marks - Mustafa Nadarevic
Jennet Hugh - Nancy Abdel Sakhi
Biber - Mirsad Tuka
Jimm - Feđa Stukan
Nicollo - Mario Drmac
Meli - Vanesa Glodzo
Matan - Mirvad Kuric

Screenplay and Director:
Jasmin Durakovic


Halimin Put (Halima's Path)

After the war in Bosnia, the compassionate Muslim woman Halima from western Bosnia is looking for the remains of her husband and only son who were taken away and killed. Using DNA analysis, the Commission on Missing Persons was able to identify the remains of her husband, but could not find her son. In order to recover the body of her beloved son, Halima must first find her estranged niece who had an affair with a young man of a different ethnic background and whom no one has seen for more than twenty years.

Main roles:
Halima - Alma Prica
Safija - Olga Pakalovic
Slavomir - Mijo Jurišic
Salko - Izudin Bajrovic
Mustafa - Miraj Grbic
Rapka - Daria Lorenci Flatz
Avdo - Mustafa Nadarevic
Nevzeta - Emina Muftic

Feđa Isovic

Arsen A. Ostojic


Gospodjica (Miss)

Fifty-year-old Ruza comes to Switzerland hoping for a new, better life. Now, half a century later, she has only one passion left - money. Ruza owns a small restaurant in Zurich, and runs it with a firm grip and financial success. Her life is meticulously planned out - work, calculating costs, dinner in a single-person’s apartment. She has built her life here and does not think about returning to Serbia.

Sixty-year-old Mila, Ruza's longtime employee, is a completely different type of person. She has been living in Switzerland with her husband for decades. She works really hard in a hope of making her life dream come true - buying a house in her homeland Croatia. Their mundane lives are disrupted when 22-year-old Ana from Sarajevo enters the scene. She is a beautiful, impulsive girl looking for a new life and fleeing the recent war in Bosnia. She needs money, so she takes a job in the restaurant. She is a good employee, but she protests against Ruza's strict rules. She does not want people at work to know that she is homeless and that she wanders across the city at night looking for comfort and tenderness in random affairs.

Main roles:
Ruza - Mirjana Karanovic
Ana - Marija Škaricic
Mila - Ljubica Jovic
Franz - Andrea Zogg
Ante - Zdenko Jelcic
Fredi - Pablo Aguilar

Screenplay and Director:
Andrea Staka


Usta (Master)

A story told from the perspective of a passionate amateur aviator living in a troublesome modern Turkey in the far south-eastern part of civilized Europe...

Bahadir Karatas in his debut film Usta (Master), reveals a stunning art of warmth and irony through a love story of trust, passion and warmth against the coldness and cruelty of rationalism and globalization.

Main roles:
Dogan Usta - Yetkin Dikinciler
Emine - Fadik Sevin Atasoy
Ersun - Sevket Çoruh
Hilal - Hasibe Eren

Bahadir Karatas, Ayfer Tunç

Directed by:
Bahadir Karatas




Estrelita (2007.)

After the death of Mihael Fabian, a famous violinist, his widow Dora inherits a valuable violin and a few sensitive secrets. Emotionally broken, Dora gives the violin to a boy from a Bosnian refugee family. The boy, thanks to his outstanding talent and tenacious practice, makes considerable progress. However, Dora’s frustrated son Julian, driven not only by financial motives, demands his share of the inheritance and blackmails the boy's mother. The blackmail grows into a romance threatening to destroy both families.

Main roles:
Dora - Silva Cusin
Amir - Marko Kovacevic
Izet - Senad
Basic Sabina - Mediha Musilovic
Ignacija - Karin  Komljanec
Julijan - Tadej Troha
Nina - Ana Temeljtov

Directed by and Screenplay:
Metod Pevec